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AP (Armor Piercing) Damage is a special form of System Damage. It has two unique properties that differentiates it from typical System Damage.

First, AP Damage won't become hull damage when it hits a destroyed room. Second, AP Damage ignores the damage reduction from Armor (but does not ignore innate room armor). This makes it the best way to destroy heavily Armored rooms like the Shield Generator.

AP Damage Mechanics

AP and System Damage both damage Room HP and Barriers. AP Damage is always applied before System Damage. So, if 3 AP and 2 System is dealt to a 10 HP room. The 3 AP is dealt first, followed by the 2 System.

AP Damage ignores Armor, but it does not ignore innate Armor. Rooms like the Security Gate will still have resistance.

AP Damage Weaponry

Below is a list of weaponry that inflict AP Damage.


  • AP Damage used to become hull damage when hitting a destroyed room.
  • When AP Damage was changed to no longer deal hull damage, a massive bug was created. The AP Damage would instantly kill the enemy ship when it hit a destroyed enemy room. This has since been fixed.

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