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Ad Blimps are well, Ad Blimps! Clicking on one of these blimps will cause the game to play an advertisement. After the advertisement is complete, the player will be awarded 3 Starbux Starbux in his/her Inbox. The player can only watch 40 ads every day before they stop receiving the Starbux reward.

One Ad Blimp usually spawns when the player enters the main screen (The one with your Starship). After that, they spawn randomly. If there are multiple Ad Blimps present onscreen, only one will work as clicking on one of the blimps deactivates any others onscreen.


If you don't want to see Ad Blimps for some reason or if you don't see them, you can enable and disable them in your Settings. It can be quick buggy at times, so check the menu once in a while if you aren't seeing Ad Blimps.

Tap this button Select Settings Enable/disable Ads


  • Ad Blimps are visually different on Android, sporting many unique variations.
  • The reason there is a reward limit on Ad Blimps is due to the ad limit set by Unity Ads on Android. Although iOS doesn’t have this problem, it’d be unfair to Android users if they weren’t limited as well.
  • The best way to farm Ad Blimps is to enter the main screen, watch an ad, view another player's Starship (Or restart), return to the main screen and repeat.


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