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After the player researches Atomic Dissassembly, he/she will be able to recycle Equipment for Stardust. Stardust can be used to make Repair Kits, XP Books, Stickers, etc. Obviously, recycling an item destroys it forever and there is no getting it back once it's gone.

How To Recycle

Select Applicable Item

And Tap Recycle

Select Quantity Boom! Stardust


As stated at the start, you can only recycle Equipment, nothing else. The Stardust you get depends on two factors. Item rarity and good old RNG (luck). When recycling, you have a chance of getting 1-3 Stardust one rarity above, on, and below the recycled Equipment's rarity. Epic equipment cannot go above, and any equipment with a higher rarity than that will only give Epic Stardust.


You recycle a Skullmet to get some sweet Stardust. You now have a chance of getting Elite, Unique, or Epic Stardust. Let's say RNG is on your side and Epic Stardust is chosen. You now have a chance of getting 1 to 3 Epic Stardust. Ah, looks like the luck wore off and you only got 1.

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