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"Light projectile weapon. A standard weapon found on many frigates."

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Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
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Level 14

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Number Available 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Icon Abbreviation Size PowerPowerIcon.png Consumption Stat Enhancement AI Category
TurretIcon.png BT 2x2 0-1 WeaponWeapon.png Laser Room
Volley System Damage Shield Damage Crew Damage Projectile Speed
1 0.5 0.5 0.5 36 Pixels/s
Level Reload Time Upgrade Ship Level Required
1 5s 100 1m 1
2 4.875s 400 5m 2
3 4.75s 2.5K 45m 3
4 4.625s 5K 1h 4
5 4.5s 20K 4h 5
6 4.375s 45K 8h 5
7 4.25s 90K 8h 6
8 4.125s 180K 1d 7
9 4s 380K 2d 8
10 3.875s 600K 3d 8
11 3.75s 1.1M 6d 9
12 3.625s 1.6M 1w 10
13 3.5s 1.8M 1w 1d 10
14 3.4s 2.5M 1w 1d 12


The Bolter is a 2x2 Weapon room unlocked at level two. It's the second weapon unlocked in-game and the only weapon room that consumes a maximum of one power. This one power makes it infamous because it makes the Bolter quite easy to destroy, allowing the enemy to deal easy hull damage.


In Combat

The Bolter is quite inexpensive, consuming one power and little space. However, the Bolter's one power consumption is its biggest weakness. One power with such little Crew space makes it quite easy to destroy and lockdown (Damage surpasses Repair rate). This can allow the enemy to deal massive hull damage quite easily. Thus, Armor the Bolter as much as possible.

When To Use

The Bolter is mainly suited towards early level players. When starting out, the extra firepower is incredibly important for taking down enemy ships. However, some players begin to eliminate the Bolter to reduce vulnerability as early as ship level 5, and most players replace it with the Plasma Discharger by ship level 7. Bolters do see some usage in level 11 ships for extra DPS, but it's only because those ships can deal with the Bolter's vulnerabilities.


AI for rooms like the Bolter is relatively straightforward. As long as the Bolter’s AI is targeting the same rooms in conjunction with the other weapons on a player’s ship, it should be fine.

Crew Interactions

The Bolter is buffed with the Weapon Weapon.png stat on Crew. The reload reduction formula applied when the Bolter is buffed can be found here.


  • The Bolter was originally called the Turret.
  • The Bolter doesn't have an animation when it fires. Instead, a separate firing animation is placed on top of the Bolter.
  • The Bolter uses the same room sprite for level 13 and level 14.


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