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"(Level 1): The latest trend in energy production: Coal! Because global warming is a hoax."
"(Level 2): As it turns out, if you throw enough money at it, coal can be pretty clean."

Level 1 Level 2

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Limit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Icon Abbreviation Size Stat Enhancement AI Category
ReactorIcon.png CR 2x2 None Reactor
Level PowerPower.png Generated Upgrade Ship Level Required
Cost Time
1 0-1 120 central 0s Clock.png 1
2 0-2 2.2M Gas.png 2w Clock.png 1


The Coal Reactor is a 2x2 Reactor obtained through Daily Sales or the Dove Store for 120 Doves Dove.png. The Coal Reactor is the smallest and least efficient Reactor in the game, making it a last resort for power generation.


Battle Mechanics

The Coal Reactor will continue to provide power even when it's upgrading, EMP'd, or System Hacked. The Coal Reactors health bars also influence how much power it generates, with one health bar representing one power. Reactors in general also have some hidden mechanics. The game forces the player to have at least one Reactor on their ship at all times. In addition, if no Reactors on the player's ship are at full HP, the game will automatically give the player a 0% Escape Rate, regardless of the Bridge.

In Combat

Since the Coal Reactor is considerably weaker (In Health) and smaller than the other Reactors, extra precautions are usually taken. This usually means 4-6 blocks of Armor and a Module instead of a Landmine. With Crew stationed nearby, the Coal Reactor will be less susceptible to being locked down (Damage dealt to it faster than Crew can repair).

When To Use

The Coal Reactor is mostly used in level 11 ships, where the power demand is considerably higher than level 10. At this point of the game, rooms like the Ion Cannon and Cloak Generator require tons of power, and the Coal Reactor may help remedy that large consumption. The Coal Reactor may not provide much power, but every little bit will help in a power-tight battle.


The Coal Reactor cannot be programmed with AI.

Crew Interactions

The Coal Reactor cannot be buffed by Crew.


  • The Coal Reactor uses the Bolter's destroyed sprite.
  • The level 2 Coal Reactor once had its level requirement changed to 7. However, this was quickly reverted due to community backlash. The main reason for the uproar was that players who had upgraded before the change would still keep their room level, giving an unfair advantage.


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