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Crew stats are measures of the skills which a Crew possesses. There are currently 8 increasable stats, plus Walk Speed and Run Speed and (both of which lack image files).These 8 are:

Health of the crew. Pilot.png
Increases Hangar reload speed, or escape chance while in the Bridge.
The amount of damage dealt each turn while attacking. Science.png
Increases reload speed in Shield Generator, Shield Battery, Cloak Generator, Photon Phaser and Photon Disruptor.
Decreases fire duration per turn while extinguishing. Or, if the room is not on fire, determines the amount of room health repaired per turn while repairing. Engine.png
Increases dodge chance in Engine, or reload speed in Android Studio.
Effect varies based on crew's skill (level 10+ on 3+ crew) Weapon.png
Increases firing speed of most Laser and Cannon rooms when inside.
Increases how long this crew can run for. Fire Resistance.png
Fire Resistance
Decreases the damage crew takes from fire.

Additional Info

Fire resistance on sprinklers will instead reduce the duration of the fire, should the sprinkler be activated when the fire starts, which also decreases its damage as fire damage is tied to its duration due to how the formula for it works. See this page for more info.

Walk and Run speed work differently depending on if you are doing a ground battle or a ship battle. In ground battles, speed is used to give turn meter, which means crew with 2 speed effectively have two turns. 10 points of stamina increases speed by 0.1. In ship battles, they determine a crew's movement speed through a ship. Note that here, a crew can only run while they have Stamina.

  • 1 speed on ship battles means the crew moves at 1 pixel per frame, and each layout grid has 25 pixels.

If you want to calculate how much time a crew would take to run through a certain amount of grids, you'd do divide the amount of pixels by the run or walk speed of the crew, then divide the result by 40 (since the game runs at 40 frames), here's an example:

     75/3 = 25
     25/40 = 0.625

So a crew with 3 speed would take 0.625 seconds to walk through 75 pixels (which is equal to 3 layout grids, meaning a 3x2 room such as a MLZ)

  • Stamina is consumed at a rate of one per second spent running

HP, Attack, Stamina and Ability can be trained in the Gym. Pilot, Weapon, Engine and Science can be trained in the Academy. Fire Resistance CANNOT be trained, but is increasable through items. Training always gives a % gain equal to the Training points in that stat, apart from for Stamina, which gets a flat increase. Items always give a flat bonus, apart from for Ability, which gets a % bonus.