"Cruise Missile"

Volley Space Missile Speed
12400 Pixels/s
Level Damage Build
System Direct Hull Cost
133% of Current HP201m


The Cruise Missile is the only Missile compatible with the Cruise Missile Launcher. Besides being used in Starship vs Starbase combat, the Cruise Missile is also used in Starship vs Starship combat when the defending player's Starbase has a Cruise Missile Launcher built. When the defending player is being attacked, a Cruise Missile is launched every ~15 seconds at the attacking player. In this situation, the Missile only deals the Direct Hull Damage and cannot be dodged by Engines.

In Starship vs Starbase combat, Cruise Missile bypasses shields and can be dodged by ships that have a powered Engine onboard.


Missile Combos

Cruise Missile Spam [DPS][Early-Late Game] CruiseMissile1

  • Advantages: Provides additional DPS for the Starbase, and the player when he/she is being attacked.
  • Disadvantages: None, it's the only Missile available.


The AI equip command for the Cruise Missile is relatively straightforward. Once one of the below AI equip commands are in the Cruise Missile Launcher, it will automatically equip the Cruise Missile during combat.

None -> Set Cheapest Items
None -> Set Dearest Items
None -> Set Highest System Damage
None -> Set Highest Hull Damage


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