This article is about the NPC Dropship. For the fightable Dropship, see Dropship.

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The Dropship is an NPC ship accessible on the main screen (The one with your Starship). Every day, the Dropship will be restocked with a login bonus, a Common to Unique Crewmember, and a Unique to Epic Crewmember (Usually).

Most of the time, the bonus and Crew are picked randomly by the game. However, the developers will sometimes change the Dropship's contents due to holidays, game updates, or glitches.

Login Bonus (Random)

Multiple items may be picked. Green = High Likelihood. Yellow = Likely. Red = Low Likelihood
1x-10x 1x-6x 1x-3x 1x-2x 1x 1x-6x 1x-3x 1x-2x 1x

Carbon (C)
Scrap Iron (Fe)
Gold (Au)
Silicon (Si)
Titanium (Ti)
Proximity Mine
Pot Plant
Unknown Item
1x-3x 1x-3x 1x-2x 1x-2x 1x-2x 1x 1x 1x Other Item

Dropship Crew

The first Crew slot on the Dropship will always be a Common, Elite, or Unique Crew purchasable with Minerals Mineral. The price increases based on the number of Common-Unique Crew you own, and there is no limit to this scaling. This can lead to some absurd prices later on. The minimum price for this slot is 100 Minerals Mineral.

The second Crew slot on the Dropship is usually Unique (100-500 Starbux) or Epic (100-1K Starbux), with Hero and Special Crew (Both 100-2.5K Starbux) sometimes being sold due to special events. This slot costs Starbux Starbux and is scaled based on the number of Common-Hero Crew you own.


  • Before 2019, a Hero Crewmember had never been sold in the Dropship before.
  • As long as you have at least 1 empty space in your inventory, all contents of the Dropship daily will be added to your inventory.
    • If you have no available space, the daily will be voided.

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