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EMP Damage is commonly found in many mid to late game strategies. Weapons that deal EMP damage disable powered rooms for long periods of time, and with strong EMP weapons, a room can be stunned long enough for another EMP can stun it again. This is known as a Stunlock and is mostly caused by EMP Missiles.

EMP Damage Mechanics

EMP Damage is not physical damage; it works more like a debuff. EMP Damage is applied on top of other forms of damage, meaning an EMP'd room cannot be un-EMP'd by being hit with something like System Damage. The only exception is EMP Damage itself.

When EMP Damage is applied to an already EMP'd room, the EMP with the longer duration overrides the shorter one. For example, a room with 3s left on its EMP is hit with a 6s EMP. The game sets the new EMP duration to 6s, discarding the shorter 3s.

EMP Damage Effects

When a power consuming room is EMP'd, three effects will be applied.

First, a room's reload is paused until the EMP duration ends. If the room doesn't reload, it will instead stop providing their buff. For example, an EMP'd Engine will stop providing its dodge chance. In addition, if an EMP'd room is damaged, its reload progress will not change. If it's destroyed, however, reload progress is reset back to 0.

Second, a room's power cannot be edited through AI or manual control until the EMP duration ends.

Third, any Sprinkler or Landmine in the affected room will cease to function until the EMP duration ends. For Landmines this means they will neither trigger, nor will they explode if they were already triggered. In fact, Landmines will "forget" entirely that they were ever triggered - they are said to be disarmed by the EMP effect.

  • Sprinklers will start working again after the EMP effect wears off, but they will not retroactively reduce the duration of a fire that was ignited while the sprinkler was EMP'd.
  • For Landmines there is an extra 0.5 seconds delay after the EMP effect wears off until they become re-armed. Landmines cannot trigger before they are re-armed.

Note, rooms that don't consume power like the Small Reactor will not receive the room effects from EMP. However, Spinklers and Landmines in the room will still be affected.

EMP Weaponry

Below is a list of weaponry that inflict EMP Damage. Do note that System Hack is not considered a type of EMP weaponry. Its effect may be similar, but it doesn't share the same effects a normal EMP does.

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