Foaming Sprinkler
"Foam gushes out of this thing -_-"

Boost Statistic
70 Fire Resistance Fire Resistance


Foaming Sprinkler is a Unique Sprinkler‎ Module Item that extinguishes the fire in the room where it is placed. It gets activated when a fire starts in its room. The Module never brokes and keeps working even if the room gets destroyed. Can be obtained by crafting.

Crafting Recipe

Pressure Sprinkler
Foaming Sprinkler
6x Pressure Sprinkler 1x Foaming Sprinkler

Use In Other Recipes

Foaming Sprinkler
Pneumatic Sprinkler
7x Foaming Sprinkler 1x Pneumatic Sprinkler

HP Barrier
Attack Landmine
Fire Resistance Sprinkler

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