Foaming Sprinkler
"Foam gushes out of this thing -_-"

Boost Statistic
70 Fire Resistance Fire Resistance


Foaming Sprinkler is a Unique Sprinkler‎ Module Item that extinguishes the fire in the room where it is placed. It gets activated when a fire starts in its room. The Module never brokes and keeps working even if the room gets destroyed. Can be obtained by crafting.

Crafting Recipe

- -

Pressure Sprinkler
Foaming Sprinkler
6x Pressure Sprinkler 1x Foaming Sprinkler

Use In Other Recipes

- -

Foaming Sprinkler
Pneumatic Sprinkler
7x Foaming Sprinkler 1x Pneumatic Sprinkler

HP Barrier
Attack Landmine
Fire Resistance Sprinkler

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