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"It's time to go to Gym!"

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Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Number Available 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
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Level Innate Armor Upgrade Ship Level Required


The Gym is a 2x2 Support room unlocked at level one. When onboard the player's ship, Crew placed inside it can be trained. Training will permanently boost a Crew's stat(s). Training in the Gym boosts HP, Attack, Ability, and Stamina. Upgrading and researching Fitness make training more effective.


"Training feels so much easier at the pool!"

The Pool is a reskin of the level 9 Gym. A Pool Renovation Kit is required along with a level 8 or 9 Gym. Switching to the skin costs 1M Mineral, 1h Clock while switching back costs 1M Mineral, 6d Clock.

Training Crew

Click on Crew in the Gym and then tap "Train". Select a regimen and tap the Minerals Mineral button. Training can be rushed with Starbux Starbux. Once the timer reaches 0s, tap the Crewmember to get results.

Additional Notes

  • Training Results are heaviliy based on RNG.
  • When a Crewmember is training, neither the Gym nor the training Crewmember can be moved or placed in inventory.
  • Training cannot be started when the Gym is upgrading, but Crew already training before the construction started will still receive their buff(s).
  • Training Crew cannot be blended, buffed with DNA Items, or donated.
  • Training Crew can still equip Equipment.

Training Guide

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Before training, try to keep in mind the Crewmember's role. Crew that excels in repairing rooms obviously shouldn't be trained primarily in Attack. In addition, if the player is planning to train Crew, it's best to focus on one or two stats at maximum. It's much better to have one or two ridiculously trained stats than slightly boosted stats all around.

Generally speaking, most players recommended not training Epic Crew and up until they unlock Military Training for their desired stat. Crew below Unique rarity are easily replaceable by the time the player unlocks Military Training, so they can be trained without any precaution.

There are multiple reasons why Military Training is recommended. Firstly, the main buff from them is much higher than DIY and Professional Regimens. This allows Military Training to continue providing buffs when Training Debuffs have nullified the other two training types.

Secondly, training with Military Training can reliably ensure the least amount of unwanted stat buffs possible. Even with the increased potency of the unwanted buffs, the massive main buff from Military Training ends up filling a majority of a Crewmember's Training Capacity. This allows them to quickly reach a point where unwanted buffs are nullified due to Training Debuffs.

This truly becomes apparent when it's compared to DIY and Professional Training. Yes, they have weaker unwanted stat buffs, but the desired buff is also weaker. This means more regimens are needed to reach a point where all unwanted buffs are nullified. More regimens needed means more training, which increases the likelihood of obtaining unwanted buffs.

Training Debuffs

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Basic Debuffs

When the player trains her/her Crew, numerous training debuffs may be applied to the Crewmember. This section will talk about the first three debuffs and their effects.

First, there is the Training Debuff. The more buffed a Crewmember is, the less effective further training will be. Put simply, Crew with no previous buffs usually have better training results than Crew with previous buffs.

Second, there is the Training Capacity Debuff. This debuff scales with a Crewmember's Training Capacity, with a higher debuff the closer they are to their cap. With this mechanic in mind, a 30/100 Training Capacity and a 27/90 Training Capacity will receive the same debuff.

Third, there is the Stat Debuff. The more buffed a specific stat is, the less likely further training will buff it further. Basically, an unbuffed stat will usually have better training results than an already buffed stat when training on the same regimen.


When Crew finish training, they become fatigued. The amount of fatigue can range from 0 to 100, and training fatigued Crew debuffs any buff(s) gained by 1% per fatigue point (Decimals always round down). Thus, NEVER TRAIN CREW WHEN THEY ARE FATIGUED!

The higher a regimen is in tier (EX: DIY -> Military), the more fatigue gained. It takes one hour to lose one fatigue point. You can estimate a Crew's fatigue by clicking on them and looking at the face shown.

Fatigue Faces

0 Fatigue 1-10 Fatigue 11-20 Fatigue 21-30 Fatigue 31-40 Fatigue 41-50 Fatigue
51-60 Fatigue 61-70 Fatigue 71-80 Fatigue 81-90 Fatigue 91-100 Fatigue

Training Capacity

Every Crewmember has a limit on how buffed they can become. The player can view this limit by looking at the bottom of a Crewmember's profile. This is known as Training Capacity, and it's incredibly important as it affects numerous aspects of training.

Crew Training Capacity
Common Crew 50
Elite Crew 60
Unique Crew 70
Epic Crew 80
Hero Crew 90
Special Crew 100
Starter Captains 200
Legendary Crew 110

Training Regimens

Below is a list of all the training regimens available to the Gym. Whenever Fitness is upgraded on iOS, the game replaces the previous regimens with the newly unlocked ones. Whereas Android users can see every regimen they've unlocked. To calculate stats after training/equipment, click here.

Icon Guide

HP Ability Attack Stamina XP
Health Ability Attack Stamina XP
  • All buffs (Except Stamina) are given in percentages.
  • One point of Stamina = 1 second a Crewmember can run (Running Speed = Base Walking Speed + 1).
  • Running is prioritized over walking and cannot be turned off.

DIY Training Regimens

Icon Name Description Mineral & Clock Cost Stat Buffs Fatigue Gained Gym & Fitness Level
MeditationGreenIcon Meditation "Can't believe this is considered training" 100, 45m ≤2%Ability, ≤1%HP,


1 1, No Fitness
MeditationGreenIcon Yoga "Ohmmmmmmmm..." 400, 45m ≤3%Ability, ≤1%HP,

≤1Stamina, ≤15XP

1 1, Fitness 101
MeditationGreenIcon Steam Yoga "Mind, body, spirit!" 1.6K, 45m ≤4%Ability, ≤2Stamina,

≤1%HP, ≤25XP

1 1, Fitness 201
RunningGreenIcon Speed Walk "Harder than it looks" 100, 45m ≤2Stamina, ≤1%Attack,


1 1, No Fitness
RunningGreenIcon Jogging "You can never be too skinny" 400, 45m ≤3Stamina, ≤2%Attack,


1 1, Fitness 101
RunningGreenIcon Weighted Run "Run forest!" 1.6K, 45m ≤4Stamina, ≤2%Attack,

≤1%HP, ≤25XP

1 1, Fitness 201
PunchingGreenIcon Air Punches "Pretend I'm Bruce Lee" 100, 45m ≤2%Attack, ≤1Stamina,


1 1, No Fitness
PunchingGreenIcon Punching Bag "Kamehameha" 400, 45m ≤3%Attack, ≤2Stamina,


1 1, Fitness 101
PunchingGreenIcon Kickbox "BGM: Eye of the tiger" 1.6K, 45m ≤4%Attack, ≤2Stamina,

≤1%HP, ≤25XP

1 1, Fitness 201
WeightliftingGreenIcon Girly Weights "Pink weights... but still tiring..." 100, 45m ≤2%HP, ≤1Stamina,


1 1, No Fitness
WeightliftingGreenIcon Free Weights "Work those guns!" 400, 45m ≤3%HP, ≤2Stamina,


1 1, Fitness 101
WeightliftingGreenIcon Bench Press "Work those guns!" 1.6K, 45m ≤4%HP, ≤2Stamina,

≤1%Attack, ≤25XP

1 1, Fitness 201

Professional Training Regimens

Icon Name Description Mineral & Clock Cost Stat Buffs Fatigue Gained Gym & Fitness Level
WeightliftingBlueIcon Gym Junkie "Back, Biceps, Chest, Triceps, Repeat..." 600, 3h ≤4%HP, ≤2Stamina,


6 2, No Fitness
WeightliftingBlueIcon Body Building "Enhanced muscle training." 2.4K, 3h ≤6%HP, ≤3Stamina,

≤1%Attack, ≤45XP

6 2, Fitness 102
WeightliftingBlueIcon Muscle Beach "Enhanced muscle training." 9.6K, 3h ≤8%HP, ≤4Stamina,

≤2%Attack, ≤60XP

6 2, Fitness 202
PunchingBlueIcon Self Defence "Learn to defend yourself." 600, 3h ≤4%Attack, ≤2Stamina,


6 3, No Fitness
PunchingBlueIcon Kung Fu "Learn from master Bruce!" 2.4K, 3h ≤6%Attack, ≤3Stamina,

≤1%HP, ≤45XP

6 3, Fitness 102
PunchingBlueIcon BJJ "Also available for non Brazilians. Lock, Choke, Guard, Triangle, Go!" 9.6K, 3h ≤8%Attack, ≤4Stamina,

≤2%HP, ≤60XP

6 3, Fitness 202
RunningBlueIcon Treadmill Session "No Stopping!" 600, 3h ≤4Stamina, ≤1%HP,

≤1%Attack, ≤30XP

6 4, No Fitness
RunningBlueIcon Spin Class "Cycle till you pass out." 2.4K, 3h ≤6Stamina, ≤2%HP,

≤2%Attack, ≤45XP

6 4, Fitness 102
RunningBlueIcon Hardcore Aerobatics "Go crazy, jump around like a lunatic." 9.6K, 3h ≤8Stamina, ≤3%HP,

≤3%Attack, ≤60XP

6 4, Fitness 202
AbilityBlueIcon Scouts Training "Scouts are cool alright! alright?" 600, 3h ≤4%Ability, ≤2Stamina,


6 5, No Fitness
AbilityBlueIcon Scouts Camp "All basic survival techniques." 2.4K, 3h ≤6%Ability, ≤3Stamina,

≤1%Attack, ≤45XP

6 5, Fitness 102
AbilityBlueIcon Crew vs Wild "Do you have the skills to survive in the wild?" 9.6K, 3h ≤8%Ability, ≤4Stamina, ≤1%HP,

≤1%Attack, ≤60XP

6 5, Fitness 202

Military Training Regimens

Icon Name Description Mineral & Clock Cost Stat Buffs Fatigue Gained Gym & Fitness Level
WeightliftingYellowIcon Iron Man "Cause you tough as hell." 4K, 12h ≤8%HP, ≤4Stamina,


24 6, No Fitness
WeightliftingYellowIcon Muscle Tournament "Bigger is Better" 12K, 12h ≤11%HP, ≤5Stamina,


24 6, Fitness 103
WeightliftingYellowIcon Olympic Weightlifting "Make your country proud!" 36K, 12h ≤14%HP, ≤5Stamina, ≤1%Ability,

≤1%Attack, ≤150XP

24 6, Fitness 203
RunningYellowIcon MMA "Train in high effective attack techniques." 4K, 12h ≤8%Attack, ≤4Stamina,


24 7, No Fitness
RunningYellowIcon Ninja Course "Must collect more chakra..." 12K, 12h ≤11%Attack, ≤5Stamina,

≤1%HP, ≤120XP

24 7, Fitness 103
PunchingYellowIcon Shaolin Tradition "Train with the masters in the Shaolin Temple." 36K, 12h ≤14%Attack, ≤5Stamina, ≤2%Ability,

≤1%HP, ≤150XP

24 7, Fitness 203
RunningYellowIcon Marathon "Run till you faint!" 4K, 12h ≤8Stamina, ≤2%HP,

≤2%Attack, ≤90XP

24 8, No Fitness
RunningYellowIcon Tour de Saturn "Ride around in a Hover Bike until your groin hurts" 12K, 12h ≤11Stamina, ≤2%HP, ≤2%Ability,

≤2%Attack, ≤120XP

24 8, Fitness 103
RunningYellowIcon Everest Climb "When you've got nothing else left on the bucket list.." 36K, 12h ≤14Stamina, ≤3%HP, ≤2%Ability,

≤2%Attack, ≤150XP

24 8, Fitness 203
StarYellowIcon Military Bootcamp "Only real woman (and man) allowed." 4K, 12h ≤8%Ability, ≤4Stamina,


24 9, No Fitness
StarYellowIcon Special Forces "Train with military special forces and you'll survive anywhere." 12K, 12h ≤11%Ability, ≤4Stamina, ≤1%HP,

≤1%Attack, ≤120XP

24 9, Fitness 103
StarYellowIcon Space Marine "Space Marine Training - For the most skilled crew." 36K, 12h ≤14%Ability, ≤4Stamina, ≤2%HP,

≤1%Attack, ≤150XP

24 9, Fitness 203

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