Combat Helmet   Improved Combat Helmet

Improved Combat Helmet
"An improved helmet that protects your beautiful face. +0.3 ATK"


The Improved Combat Helmet is an Elite Headwear Equipment Item that gives a bonus of +0.3 AttackAttackIcon when worn. It's derived from the Combat Helmet along with being part of the Improved Combat Equipment set. Besides the crafting recipe, this item can also be rewarded in Live AI Battles.

Crafting Recipe

Combat Helmet
Improved Combat Helmet
X6 Combat Helmet X6 Titanium(Ti) X1 Improved Combat Helmet

Use In Other Recipes

Improved Combat Helmet
Assault Helmet
X10 Silicon(Si) X25 Titanium(Ti) X8 Improved Combat Helmet X1 Assault Helmet

Improved Combat Helmet
Gold Combat Helm
X5 Improved Combat Helmet X5 Gold(Au) X1 Golden Combat Helmet

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