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"Multi-purpose mining laser with limited offensive capacity."

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Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Number Available 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Icon Abbreviation Size PowerPower.png Consumption Stat Enhancement AI Category
MiningLaserIcon.png MLZ 3x2 0-2 WeaponWeapon.png Laser Room
Volley System Damage Shield Damage Crew Damage Projectile Speed
1 1 0.5 1 Instant
Level Reload Time Capacity
Mineral.png Per Second Upgrade Ship Level Required
1 6s 500 0.194 100 10s 1
2 5.875s 1K 0.194 250 10s 1
3 5.75s 1.5K 0.194 800 10s 2
4 5.625s 2K 0.194 2K 1h 3
5 5.5s 2.5K 0.194 12.5K 1h 4
6 5.375s 3K 0.194 25K 4h 5
7 5.25s 3.5K 0.194 60K 4h 5
8 5.125s 4K 0.194 100K 8h 6
9 5s 5K 0.194 200K 1d 12h 7
10 4.875s 8K 0.194 400K 2d 8
11 4.75s 15K 0.194 800K 3d 9
12 4.625s 20K 0.194 1.6M 4d 10
13 4.5s 25K 0.194 1.8M 5d 10
14 4.375s 40K 0.194 2.1M 6d 11
15 4.25s 50K 0.194 2.3M 1w 11
16 4.1s 50K 0.194 2.8M 1w 12


The Mineral Mining Laser(MLZ) is a 3x2 Weapon room unlocked at level one, being the first one the player unlocks. It's one of the most power efficient weapon rooms in the game, despite how early the player unlocks it. The Mineral Mining Laser can also generate Mineral.png Mineral when it's not in combat.


Level 13 Level 14 Level 15 Level 16
"A drunk HYDRA龍 technician accidentally spilled a can of SavySoda fluids while building the charging crystal component of this Mining Laser. "

The Mineral Mining Laser - Soda Edition is a reskin of the level 13 and above Mineral Mining Laser. A Hydra Laser 800 Renovation Kit is required for the skin. The cost of switching between skins is the same as upgrading to that level (EX: Lv.13 costs 1.8M Mineral.png and 5d Clock.png).


In Combat

The Mineral Mining Laser's high DPS, when compared to its power consumption, makes it great stand-alone. However, many agree the Mineral Mining Laser truly shines when paired with other weaponry. Make sure to Armor the Mineral Mining Laser as the two maximum power can make the room an easy way for the enemy to deal hull damage.

When To Use

The Mineral Mining Laser works well in almost every starship loadout due to its low power consumption and decent damage output. The Mineral Mining Laser is especially important in gunship hulls, as the damage output offered from it is needed for steady damage.


AI for rooms like the Mineral Mining Laser is relatively straightforward. As long as the Mineral Mining Laser’s AI is targeting the same rooms in conjunction with the other weapons on a player’s ship, it should be fine.

Crew Interactions

The Mineral Mining Laser is buffed with the Weapon Weapon.png stat on Crew. The reload reduction formula applied when the Mineral Mining Laser is buffed can be found here.


  • The Mineral Mining Laser used to be called Mining Laser, but it was changed due to potential Gas Mining Laser.
  • The Mineral Mining Laser uses the exact same sprite for level 15 and 16.
  • The Mineral Mining Laser's original sprite was red and much bulkier than the current one.
  • The player starts off the game with a level 1 Mineral Mining Laser onboard their ship.
  • The HYDRA Level 15 uses the unused sprite but purple.


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