Power Drill
"Must have for every builder."


Power Drill is a Common Weapon Equipment Item that gives a bonus of +0.3 Repair Repair when worn. Can be obtained by crafting.

Crafting Recipe

Scrap Iron (Fe)
Power Drill
6x Scrap Iron (Fe) 1x Power Drill

Use In Other Recipes

Power Drill
Modified Power Drill
5x Power Drill 1x Modified Power Drill

Charged Lance
Titanium (Ti)
Power Drill
Power Lance
2x Charged Lance 10x Titanium (Ti) 2x Power Drill 1x Power Lance

Weapon Equipment
HP Hp Boosting
Attack Attack Boosting
Stamina Stamina Boosting
Ability Ability Boosting
Pilot Pilot Boosting
Engine Engine Boosting
Weapon Weapon Boosting
Repair Repair Boosting
Science Science Boosting
Fire Resistance Fire Resistance Boosting

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