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Proximity Mine.png
"Explodes when enemy enters room. Has a slight delay before exploding and also causes collateral damage to crews."

Explosion Delay Boost Statistic Repair Cost Mineral.png
40 frames (1 second) 4 Attack.png Attack 100


Proximity Mine is a Common Landmine Module Item that acts as a trap that gets triggered by any enemy that passes through the room where it is placed. Once activated it explodes and deals damage to all crew members in the room (enemy and friendly) but will not damage the room. The Module will break when it explodes. The Module works until it gets destroyed, once that happens, even if the room gets repaired, it will still not work unless you repair the Module at the end of the battle. Can be obtained by crafting.

Expended Proximity Mine

Expended Proximity Mine.png
"Shell of a destroyed proximity mine. Can be refilled with minerals."


When destroyed the Proximity Mine becomes Expended Proximity Mine.

Crafting Recipe

- -

Scrap Iron (Fe).png
Proximity Mine.png
6x Scrap Iron (Fe) 1x Proximity Mine

Use In Other Recipes

- -

Proximity Mine.png
Silicon (Si).png
C4 Mine.png
3x Proximity Mine 1x Silicon (Si) 1x C4 Mine

HP.png Barrier
Attack.png Landmine
Fire Resistance.png Sprinkler
HP&Attack.png Turret