This list is incomplete feel free to add to it.

Wether an option is selectable or not is written in curly brackets.

Selectable options are ones that aren't randomly forced on you.

Random Options are shortened to keywords in brackets.

Routes that split into multiple routes are shown in numbered options.

Mission Name Ship Lvl Option1 Option2 Option3 Reward
Ross System Expedition 7-8 Investigate abandoned station. {Yes} (mysterious ritual) {No} 20k Gas, 20k Mineral
(silent station) {No} 7k Mineral
(fancy dress ball) {No} 5 Starbux
Patrol hypergate portal. {Yes} (pirate vehicle) {No} 16.5k Mineral, 15k Gas
(Visiri battleship) {No} 27k Mineral, 20k Gas
(nobody) {No} 4k Gas
Patrol planetary surface. {Yes} (hostile inhabitants) {No} 1 Carbon (C), 20k Mineral
(crashed spaceship) {No} (horrid beast){No} 1 Silicon (Si), 70k Gas
(some bats) {No} 20k Mineral, 21k Gas
(nothing but sand) {No} 3k Mineral
(approaching belligerent) {No} 46k Gas
(evil robots) {No} 2 Scrap (Fe), 27.4k Mineral
Locaille System 8-9 Patrol asteroid field. {Yes} Visit rock. {Yes} 80k Gas
Fly to hard place. {Yes} 43k Gas
Patrol hypergate portal. {Yes} (Grey saucer) {No} 2 Silicon (Si), 56k Mineral
(Federation patrol) {No} 49k Mineral, 37k Gas
(ruffians) {No} 1 Scrap (Fe), 80k Gas
Patrol orbital junkyard. {Yes} (Gas refinery station) {No} Send away team to investigate {Yes} 100k Gas
Engage station {Yes} 70k Gas
(mineral freighter) {No} 1 Carbon (C), 40k Mineral
(sweet scrap) {No} 90k Mineral
(assassin ship) {No} 39k Gas, 51k Mineral
(marauders) {No} 1 Scrap (Fe), 61k Mineral
Procyon Sector 9-10 Patrol planetary surface. {Yes} (Ambush) {No} 1 Gold (Au), 85k Gas
(precious minerals) {No} 41k Mineral
(Nothing) {No} 4k Mineral
Patrol high planetary orbit. {Yes} (speeding civilian ship) {No} 2 Silicon (Si), 65k Gas
(Qtarian destroyer) {No} 1 Medium Mineral Crate, 52k Gas
(nothing) {No} 30k Gas
Investigate space hulk. {Yes} Misfits {No} 2 Carbon (C), 90k Mineral
Smugglers {No} 2 Scrap (Fe), 90k Mineral
gas canisters {No} 70k Gas
(Federation secret police) {No} 1 Scrap (Fe)
(Pirate) {No} 50k Gas, 30k Mineral
Archenar 10-11 Patrol planetary surface {Yes} Angry Mob {No} 1 Carbon (C), 60k Gas
Smugglers {No}
A ship leaps out {No} 50k Mineral, 50k Gas
Patrol asteroid belt {Yes} Breach the docking bay {Yes} 1 Gold (Au), 50k Gas
Sneak through the vent {Yes} 1 Titanium (Ti), 40k Gas
Grey Mothership {No} 1 Silicon (Si), 71k Minerals
Surprise shipment {No} 1 Silicon (Si), 30k Minerals
Qtarian mining vesser {No} 80k Minerals
Patrol orbital graveyard {Yes} Qtarian ship {No} 1 Scrap (Fe), 87,6k Minerals
(Armoured troopers) {No} 80k Minerals, 60k Gas
(pitched battle) {No} 90k Gas

For more details, you can view a spreadsheet of the missions right here. Courtesy of @Antimagik from The Elect on the Pixel Starships Discords Server.

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