Armor   Small Beacon

"A beautiful beacon so other ships can avoid running into you while parking."

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Number Available 0 0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Level Armor Value Cost
Ship Level Required


The Small Beacon is essentially a level 3 Armor block. It functions exactly the same the normal Armor block does, reducing the same damage types and having the same interactions. Since it can't be upgraded, the Small Beacon is best used on rooms with less Armor necessity like the Small Reactor or Fusion Reactor. It can also be used to substitute regular Armor blocks.


When To Use

Small Beacons are usually used to further armor heavily targeted rooms like the Shield Generator. Small Beacons can also be used to substitute existing Armor blocks. The replaced Armor block can then be used on a room elsewhere.

Strategies and Interactions

See Armor for more info.

Damage Reduction Formula


 1/(1+(Combined Armor Stat*0.01)) * Applicable Damage


The Armor value on a Small Beacon does not directly correlate with damage reduction. In order to avoid a 100% damage reduction, the above formula is designed to give diminishing returns the higher the Armor value is. If multiple Small Beacons are used to protect a room, their Armor values are combined for the formula.


  • Example 1: A room protected by an Armor stat of 30 takes 3 System Damage. The formula becomes 1/(1+(30*0.01)) * 3 = 2.30769230769, reducing the System Damage the room takes to 2.30769230769, which truncates to 2.30.
  • Example 2: A room protected by an Armor stat of 300 takes 1 System Damage. The formula becomes 1/(1+(300*0.01)) * 1 = 0.25, reducing the System Damage the room takes to 0.25.
  • Example 3: A room protected by an Armor stat of 100 takes 1 Crew Damage. Since Crew Damage is not reduced by the Small Beacon, the formula will not be applied.

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