Super Succulent
"The gold standard in aesthetic room protection."

Boost Statistic Repair Cost Mineral
5 HP Hp 2500


Super Succulent is an Epic Barrier Module Item that gives additional Hp to the room where it is placed. The item works untill it gets destroyed, once that happens, even if the room gets repaired, it will still not work unless you repair the Module at the end of the battle. Can be obtained by crafting.

Smashed Super Succulent

Smashed Super Succulent
"True beauty never dies."


When destroyed the Super Succulent becomes Smashed Super Succulent.

Crafting Recipe

Scrap Iron (Fe)
Super Succulent
4x Succulent 4x Scrap Iron (Fe) 1x Super Succulent

Use In Other Recipes


HP Barrier
Attack Landmine
Fire Resistance Sprinkler

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