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System Damage affects Room HP and Barriers. System Damage also has the unique ability to turn into Hull Damage when the targetted room is destroyed, making it the most common form of victory.

System Damage Mechanics

A room's HP is determined by its maximum power consumption/production. Even if a room is powered off, its HP will remain the same. For example, a 5 HP room is hit with 2.1 System Damage. It's now left with 2.9 HP and can now only consume a maximum of 2 power (Decimals round down). Armor and its other forms can reduce System Damage taken, making it a necessity.

Once the target room is destroyed (0 HP), the leftover System Damage is converted into Hull Damage. Hull Damage directly affects a Starship's HP. For example, a 1 HP room hit with 2 System Damage will deal 1 Hull Damage. Rooms that don't consume power have 0 HP.

System Damage Weaponry

Below is a list of weaponry that inflict System Damage.

Damage Mechanics

VolleySystem DamageCrew DamageShield DamageAP DamageDirect Hull DamageEMP DamageFire Damage

Crew Mechanics

Crew Abilities

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