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Tapjoy Ship Example Tapjoy Screen (Tap to Expand)


The Tapjoy Ship is a special type of Ad Ship (iOS Exclusive) that appears rarely on the main screen (The one with your Starship). When clicked, the game will open up a Tapjoy offer wall. The player can then complete these offers for Starbux Starbux. As usual, the Starbux reward is sent to your Inbox.

Do note that the Tapjoy ship will not appear if your area does not support its offers. There's also no consistent way to spawn the Tapjoy Ship besides waiting. Take caution when completing certain offers as Pixel Starships has no involvement on the offers shown. Surveys that ask for personal data should not be completed.


If you don't want to see the Tapjoy Ship for some reason or if you don't see them, you can enable and disable them in your Settings. It can be quick buggy at times, so check the menu once in a while if you aren't seeing the Tapjoy Ship.

Tap this button Select Settings Enable/disable Ads

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