"Enables crew to be teleported to nearby planets and vessels."

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Number Available 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Icon Abbreviation Size PowerPowerIcon Consumption Stat Enhancement AI Category
Level Reload Time Upgrade Ship Level Required


The Teleport is a 3x2 weapon room unlocked at level five. The Teleport allows Crew to board an enemy ship and decimate enemy systems and Crew. To teleport to the enemy ship, a crew member must be able to enter the Teleport, and the room must be fully operational and charged. Once the crew member is inside the Teleport, simply drag the crew member to the yellow arrow to switch the view to the enemy ship, then into a room on the enemy ship. This can also be done automatically with AI via the target enemy rooms command.


Teleport Mechanics

The Teleport can have up to three crew members actively defending it. Defending as in targetting the Teleport itself instead of an enemy room. When defending, Crew can repair the room, attack enemy boarders, use their abilities, etc.

A crew member is considered waiting when he/she is targetting an enemy room and waiting to board. Waiting crew members stack in the middle of the Teleport and don't count towards the three defending Crew limit. Waiting crew idle in the Teleport and cannot do anything. Most forms of damage will still damage waiting Crew (i.e. Fire Damage), but enemy boarders cannot attack waiting Crew with their normal attack.

Boarding Mechanics

Once the Teleport reaches its full charge, it will stay at full charge unless the Teleport is damaged or a crew member is ready to board. When this happens, it has to reload again. shields won't prevent the boarding process, but a cloak will. Crew that have boarded the enemy ship can return to their original ship via dragging or AI. Doing this doesn't require the Teleport to be fully charged nor powered.

Crew targetting/inside an enemy room are limited by a room's Crew capacity. This is separate from the enemy's Crew capacity. For example, a 3x2 room can hold 3 Crew. This allows up to 3 crew members from both players to enter the room, for a total of 6 crew members. If the number of Crew targetting a room exceeds its Crew capacity, for example, let's say 4 Crew are targetting a 3x2 room, the 4th crew member will ignore its target command until there is space for him/her to go to that room.

Attacking Mechanics

After a waiting crew member boards the enemy ship, he/she will have a 0.5s delay time where they cannot perform any actions. Once a crew member reaches its destination, it'll automatically begin attacking the room with a delay of 1s. When an enemy crew member enters the same room, your crew member will attack the enemy crew member instead of the room. The crew member entering the room will always execute their ability first, and the crew member already in the room will execute their ability second.

Boarders fill a typical enemy room from left to right, just like their original ship. The position they get in the room is influenced by who targets/resides in the room first. If multiple Crew target a room at the same time, their seniority relative to each other determine their placement. Lower seniority goes left, higher seniority goes right. Crew must get into their position to perform any attacks, but enemy Crew already in that room can attack him/her while they walk/run to their position. Enemy Crew will attack the leftmost Crew first, so it's good to memorize your boarder positions.


In Combat

The Teleport should be Armored with at least 4-8 blocks since it's a very important room. However, the main criteria for a competitive Teleport ship involve what Crew is sent to the enemy ship. Below is a list of the most important boarders to send, and their use.

Boarding Crew


Poison Gasser (Good Against Multiple Crew) Critical Attackers (Good Against Tanky Defenders)

Anti-Crew boarders are vital for the Teleport strategy. These types of boarders should be trained in Ability and HP. Their abilities can deal massive damage to enemy Crew, which is important since boarders are almost always outnumbered on the enemy ship. Poison Gas Crew can be used to "nuke" rooms like the Hangar or Teleport by killing all Crew in the room. Critical Attack Crew can board later in the battle since their abilities only affect one crew member.

Necessary AI

  • None -> Use Special Ability


Ultra Dismantle (Good Against Heavily Armored Rooms) System Hackers (Disable Rooms)

Anti-Room boarders are usually trained to have lots of HP. Generally, their ability is used to quickly disable rooms like the Shield Generator or Teleport. After that, they mostly run around the enemy ship, destroying many key rooms like the Small Reactors. This is why training them to have lots of HP is important, since surviving longer means more boarders overall on the enemy ship.

Necessary AI

  • None -> Use Special Ability


First Aid (Massive HP) Constellation Crew Collection (Collection Buff Heals Crew)

Tanks/Healers are usually sent in after the above two. They are trained mostly in HP, with a little bit trained in ability. Their job is to support the Anti-Room Crew by absorbing as much damage as possible. Or, in the case of healers, heal any surviving boarders. In the later levels, tanks are the most common types of boarders sent, since most enemies at that level have very powerful defenders.

Necessary AI

  • Current HP < 25% -> Use Special Ability


Rush Command (Instant Charge)

Rushers are incredibly important for mid-late game Teleport strategies. Trained purely in ability, they are able to instantly charge the Teleport. This allows the player to immediately send a boarder to the enemy ship. This is incredibly useful for Anti-Crew boarders, as they're able to board the enemy ship before they can board yours. Generally, 1-2 Rushers are enough for most players, but having more Rushers greatly boosts the Teleport's effectiveness.

Necessary AI

  • None -> Use Special Ability


Critical Attackers (Good Against Enemy Boarders) Freezeers (Good Against Enemy Tanks)

Defenders are essential for defending the Teleport. Trained mostly in ability, they protect rooms against boarders, usually by instantly killing them or stunning them. This is essential since most Teleport ships in the later levels will send a high quantity of boarders in a short period of time. Usually, the first boarders sent are Anti-Crew, and they're usually sent to kill all of the Teleport's defending and waiting Crew.

Necessary AI

  • None -> Use Special Ability

When To Use

The Teleport is its own playstyle. It's not like a laser, where players can add it without any special accommodations. If a player is going to use the Teleport, they have to center their playstyle around it. Teleports require a lot of Crew, which means less Crew defending the player's ship. Generally, if the player already has trouble defending, the Teleport is not a very good idea. In addition, the Teleport relies heavily on Crew, so if a ship has mostly weak Crew, the Teleport isn't going to have much impact in battle.


The Teleport is a common target for focus fire. Therefore, use Increase Power by 1 instead of Set Max Power. When using set Max, rooms will absorb as much power as possible and will not share the power equally. Increase Power by 1 increases room power by one every 0.15s, and will prioritize rooms with lower maximum power. This continues until the ship runs out of power to give. When the TLP is focus fired, power normally allocated to it is distributed to other rooms instead.

None -> Increase Power By 1

Crew Interactions

The Teleport is buffed with the Science ScienceIcon stat on Crew. The reload reduction formula applied when the Teleport is buffed can be found here.


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