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Weapon rooms fire projectiles, but how many projectiles are fired are determined a room's Volley stat. Volleys can be quite handy in certain situations. Low Volleys deal damage fast while higher Volleys spread the damage out over a long period of time.

Volley Mechanics

Volley rooms will not start reloading until its entire volley is fired. In addition, it's unable to change target until the volley finishes. Rush Command will have no effect during a volley either.

A Volley room will stop firing if it's damaged below 1 HP or if it gets unpowered. When a Volley room is EMP'd, it'll "continue" to fire, but no bullets will actually be materialized until the EMP ends.

Volleys In Tables

Example Volley System Damage Projectile Speed Projectile Delay
Example 3 0.1 Instant 0.25s

The Pixel Starships Wikia only shows the damage value of one projectile, not the entire volley. The example above shows that one projectile does 0.1 System Damage. Since the Volley is 3, the Weapon room will fire 3 of those projectiles over a period of 0.75s (Due to Projectile Delay). So in reality, the room actually deals 0.3 System Damage.

Damage Mechanics

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